About Me


It will be a little while till i get setup here and figure everything how i want it but thank you to everyone who pushed me out of my 10 years slumber this will be a place of learning and discovery between all of you and me about all kinds of things about entertainment of all sorts from all over the world and all the things that go with their enjoyment in a nice relaxing atmosphere like for example just look at this run on sentence structure and how many time i used “and ” not to mentioned it’s more like a paragraph i just don’t fukking care lol long as you get the idea!!!!!!!!!
Anyway it is all about finding new things to watch, eat, play, collect, read, and the way to enjoy it all based on what kind of taste you have plus trying new things or discovering things you never knew about also I am not saying i know all this shit bla bla bla because i do not i want you to also show me knew things so we can share with others that info like if you read an article or see a youtube vid or what the fuck ever and you think hey this asshole has never mention this killer band send me a message tell me about them then i can check it out and suggest it to other people that may also have that same interest!!! See thats the point here is so you can check out stuff not some fuck face just giving you thumbs up or down it all about everyone having different taste and perspectives and helping everyone and that includes me to help finds things they like or even hate think of it like a buffet sampler check out what ever you want and see what you like and hey while you are here try some diffrent things and find out what they are about and may be something that might become you most favorite movie or game or even that worst album or book but you never know till you try!!!
So with all that said it will be a little while till we get everything going this is just the start and i have had a lot going on in my life plus have been really sick but a friend of mine has been pushing to this for awhile now so i just started by saying fuck i will just start slamming it together so bare with me for bit lol and yes i type this bad lol i use to write music so when i started to do writing for magazine reviews and such i always use to have ¬†a editor that knew me to translate it back into the a human language but this is my own thing all just off the fukking cuff so are just going to follow the words of the great¬†Oderus Urungus and “GO FOR IT” so thank you all and welcome to FAT J’S LAIR!!!