Motörhead – Lemmy Kilmister Interview by David Necro of Crypt Magazine (February 22, 2010)

A friend of mine David Necro of Crypt Magaizine did and interview with the late great man himself and we decided to repost it for those that may have missed or want to read it again!!!

Dnecro and lemmy

Once every generation, there comes an artistic force that can’t be ignored. What would you say about such a force has been around for almost 2 generations? Yes, that’s right the band in question is Motörhead, led by guiding light Lemmy Kilmister, has been around for 35 years now. From slugging in out in the most depraved night clubs to headlining mega-festivals, this band has lived (and continues to do so) the rock n’ roll dream. If you don’t know what the rock n’ roll dream is, I’m not gonna tell ya. You have to know what it is inside yourselves. Anyway, there is no end in sight to their chemistry, debauchery, and loud and proud sound. The band harnesses loudness and feedback and shapes it into brutal yet melodic tunes for the ages. With a lyrical bent that makes you think and wonder at the same time. I can gush all day about this band. It’s true. But, I’ll stop there. All you need to do is listen to one of the most consistent catalogs of rock music and hear for yourself. And what about Lemmy, the subject of this interview? He is simply the living, breathing embodiment of rock n’ roll in many an opinion. More fact than anything else. To get this chance to interview him was an honor to say the least. I your humble servant, did so and here are the results. Read, and rock, on…

by David Necro

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