A Sound of Thunder – Tales from the Deadside (September 25, 2015) Mad Neptune

a_soundofthunder_tales-from_the_deadsideI am new to this band but wow this was a nice surprise once i let it play for a bit and got into the vibe since the sound blindsided me at first only because i was not familiar with the bands sound so I did not know what kind of music i was jumping into but after that i was rocking the fuck out lol!!! This album had a real old school feel to it like 80’s metal kinda of Dio-ish musically with a hint of Manowar plus Nina Osegueda vocals reminded me of a cross between Cristina Scabbia and Doro Pesch. From what i have read it seems not to mention it says so on the album art lol the music was inspired by the comic Shadowman which i at this point in time i am not familiar with but now i am very interested and iI can not wait to hear more from this band as well!!!

1. Children of the Dark 07:18
2. Sandria (Carry On) 05:53
3. Can't Go Back 06:11
4. Deadside 07:42 
5. Tower of Souls 05:37
6. Losing Control (The Unquiet Shadow) 06:10
7. Punk Mambo 04:12
8. Alyssa (Life in Shadows) 04:21
9. Tremble 05:25
10. End Times 07:06

A SOUND OF THUNDER – Pleasure Slave (Full Song) MANOWAR Cover

this song was available on a EP for those who backed this album on the bands kickstarter campaign and man i wish i knew about this because i so want this!!!


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Welman – Meteorology (September 22, 2015) NDE records

meteorologyWhen I first heard the songs for this debut release by the three piece Post-Hardcore band Welman was when their guitarist Angelo Chavez played me the demos. That was about a month before the release and to tell you the truth at that time I wasn’t really into this style or genre of music yet but then he hit play. Immediately my ears were first drawn to his sick as fuck style of guitar playing, then the intense drums that are so crazy dead on that you can’t help to air drum to it (Tyler Keir you are a beast lol), then this bass guitar that feels like a 2 ton silk hammer, and vocals that drift you into a vicious wind storm.  After a few seconds I noticed there was something different and amazing about this band and I couldn’t help but be sucked into this band. After thinking about it for a moment it hit me what it was and that every part of their music from the drums, the guitar, the bass, to the vocals complements each other like a perfect fit to a puzzle. What makes that so amazing is the fact that each member of the band has unique and brilliant playing style / sound on their own but when put together creates a over powering sense of camaraderie that you just can’t shake. So after hearing this I became geeked as fuck to hear Meteorology and the guys in the band were cool as hell to the point they hooked me up with autographed cd as soon as it came out.

Now Meteorology does not disappoint from my expectations after hearing the demos at all. This release is on point with capturing that over feeling of camaraderie that i described so much that could not even begin to describe. The best way to put it is like this trio is synced to each others vibe and then they paint a picture of that vibe with their music. One really good example is when you hear bassist / lead vocals singing a line and gently in the background Angelo Chavez vocals will join his to perfect complement to each other that is astounding. Another cool bit of info is that this release was Mixed and mastered by Ethan Ehlers which I thought added a nice touch. For me personally my favorite tracks off of this are tracks 3 and 4 but every song is a flat out winner in my book and that’s the only book that fucking counts lol

Left: Angelo Chavez (Guitar / backing vocals), Middle: Tyler Keir (Drums), Right: Ethan Ehlers (Bass / Lead vocals)
1. Shell  03:43
 2. New England  04:54
 3. Cold  03:57
 4. Stutter  04:37
 5. Meteorology  04:16

Here is an interview with Angelo Chavez and Ethan Ehlers of Welman from July 15, 2016 by Brad LaPlante on Youtube I came across.


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