Delerium – Mythologie (September 23, 2016) Metropolis Records

delerium_mythologieWOW Just fucking amazing I did not know this was even out but here i am trying to get this Fat J thing rolling and this pops up this was a nice surprise to my day!!! This is so fucking smooth that I am on my 4th play through of this album already lol. All i can say that Mythologie is so ambient / relaxing i just want to sit by a fire in the dead of winter under a soft blanket drinking till I fall fast asleep. I can not recommend passing this by this is a must hear so i will be posting links for you to check it out and we will do a more in-depth article on this release later as we will with almost everything here. So until then here some info to get you started with this release or the band depending if you are familiar with them or not but if you are not give it a try the worst that can happen is you find out its not for you or you could find something new that will love forever its all up to you!!!

1. Blue Fires (featuring Mimi Page) 6:24
2. Zero (featuring Phildel) 4:50
3. Keep on Dreaming (featuring Jaël) 5:22
4. Stay (featuring JES) 4:08
5. Angels (featuring Mimi Page) 5:56
6. Ritual (featuring Phildel) 5:13
7.Seven Gates of Thebes 4:44
8. Ghost Requiem (featuring Geri Soriano-Lightwood) 5:44
9. Once in a Lifetime (featuring JES) 4:28
10. Made to Move (featuring Mimi Page) 6:11
11. Continuum (featuring Leah Randi) 6:44
12. Dark Visions (featuring Mimi Page)

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