Carach Angren – Live (Full Show Multicam) – The Music Hall – (October 24, 2014) Season of Mist

carach_angren-logo-on-blackIf you have never heard Carach Angren and you are into Symphonic black metal well lets just say you are in for one fucking hell of a treat here!!! One of the things that make this band so amazing is that they are a 3 piece band doing such intense musical structures especially live as you will see in this vid. This Video is where I first heard of Carach Angren and it is top notch quality shot with multiple cameras and does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the bands powerful performance of their artistic talents.

What made this Concert great for me wasn’t just the music or the just the sheer amazement of how much shit was going on musically for a piece band but it was more of watching the movements of the members acting out the feeling out the vibe of their music (especially Seregor). I am going to be straight honest with you after seeing this I Became hooked and i have probably have watch this over 100 times easy. I have played this concert for friends of mine that are not into this kind of music and now they are hooked so why not give a try as well because hell even if this is not your cup of tea you have to appreciate the crazy amount of talent going on here. This band has so much to offer so please give them a chance and check them out and dont forget to check some of the other concerts on Bucksawz Post Youtube channel from what I have seen so far there is some good shit there!!!


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