Cadaveria – Shadows Madame (March 11th, 2002) Scarlet Records

cadaveria_shadows_madameShadows Madame is an a amazing smooth yet brutal album with wonderful haunting overtones and the 1st solo release by Cadaveria (Raffaella Rivarolo) after leaving Opera IX. This release is bold as fuck pushing a massive atmospheric but aggressive assault that will leave chills down your spine. Since atm moment it is not available on any streaming services that I know of i will post the official music video’s for this album below so please check it out and enjoy!!!


CADAVERIA – Circle of Eternal Becoming (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

1. Spell 05:53 
2. Declaration of Spiritual Independence 05:10 
3. In Memory of Shadows' Madame 04:12 
4. Circle of Eternal Becoming 04:57 
5. The Magic Rebirth 06:50 
6. Black Glory 04:11 
7. Absolute Vacuum 07:10

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