I hate that i need to put shit like this up but here we go!!!

So if you are under 18 (sorry guys) or just easily offended by things like Nudity, Gore, Satan, and or the Easter Bunny in your art work then this site is not for you Fuck off and leave!!! This is a place to expose people to all kinds of artistic freedoms that are out there and the things that go with them!!! So basically this is a place of learning and discovery about all kind of different of Arts / Entertainment and learning to understand them like them or not!!! Everyone has their own taste we are just here to show whats out there from Music (Happy / Dark), TV/Movies (including porn/hentai), Artwork (a moose in the sunset / graphic bloody vampires), Food & Drink (4 star dinning / greasy burger joints), Gaming (Console / PC), and Tech (PC / Mac) it doesn’t matter its about finding whats there and finding what you like or don;t like and at least understanding why you do or do not bla bla bla!!!